Carl Palm

Level Design Game Design




Pinchos - Bar manager

My experience in the nightclub/restaurant business got me a manager position. I was responsible for everything bar-related.  Personnel, hygiene, menu, supplies and inventory.


Military Service

Stationed in Enköping – Ledningsregementet and Skåne P7 as a logistic soldier focus on communication, tech, encryption, and information security.


Freelance - Bartender

When I finished highschool I got myself an education in bartending in Grythyttan. This gave me a lot of freelance opportunity in the nightclub/restaurant business.



The Game Assembly - Level Design


Linnéuniversitetet - Film/English literature


Mediegymnasiet - Sound


Design 90%
Visual Scriping 65%
Art 40%


  • (+46) 701468080

Currently looking for a intership in
Level design and Game Design.

About Me

From running Toughest to being the person who makes sure that the project goals are met. When I set up a goal, I stay dedicated and always push myself to get there. Coming from a job where I was in charge of making 2 000 mojitos for 5 000 customers weekly, I found game development to be the perfect way of escaping the restaurant business. I escaped together with my bar colleague, who I now call my wife.

Games is a medium I hold very close to my heart, starting out in my early years spending many hours with Mario and Zelda. From that to becoming more of a fanatic at the age of twelve, when I tried to coordinate a team of 39 people to slay the mighty Firelord Ragnaros. By the time I became the top ranked Windwalker monk in Europe my fanaticism had turned into a thirst for knowledge. I began creating my own game experiences and made it my goal to become a part of the game making crew. I was given the opportunity by being accepted to study at The Game Assembly.

Games have given me friendships and have introduced me to concepts impossible to express in other forms of media. I want to give that back to the fanatic twelve-year-olds of this time and make them fall in love with games as I did. When I have some free time I usually work out, play the guitar, consume media and spend time with friends and family. I have never stopped playing games and I never will. I’m eager to see how far we can push this medium in the future and my dream is to be a part of that journey.