A Drink To The Past


A drink to the past is a top down adventure game inspiered by a link to the past.
The game takes place in an open world where the gang Nobels children (a gang that worships Alfreds Nobell and his dynamite) has occupied large portions of the world. Including the silver mine. The player has to help the worlds citizens and clear out the Nobells children of the area to earn enough money to buy a bomb to open the path to the silver mines.


  • Using TGA 2D engine
  • Using Unity as editor
  • Open world
  • Story heavy
  • Quests!


  • The open world Preprod to gold
  • designing/tweaking the player character and enemies
  • Quest design (narrative and script)
  • Narrative design (all of the text in the game)

Closing Thoughts

We set out to create an open world with bandit camps and pussles, and since we hold a low scope we had time to add quests in the game. I loved working with quests text and doing “mini stories” in the game.

Lesson: Yes. A good idea is to scope low until you have a shippable product and if you have more time. Add awesome stuff!


Level design
Carl Palm
Rickard Fjellvind

Amanda Larsson
Ludvik Ribbnäs
Tom Sandvik

Matrin Ström
Eric Hildebrand
Flovin Michaelsen
Karl Brunzell