Explore an enchanted forest and restore the spirits of the forest. This game is a calm and relaxing experience where you, a small creature, jump and dash through a world filled with life and magic. Nocturnowl is a 2d platformer game that uses a dash ability inspired by Ori and The Blind Forests “bash” ability.


  • Using TGA 2D engine
  • Using Tiled as an editor
  • Using Kishotenketsu as a design tool


  •  Game design (tweaking the character, platforms, enemies)
  •  Game pich and GDD
  • Level 1 and 3 preprod to gold
  • Level 2 blocout to gold

Closing Thoughts

This project was my first encounter with longterm stress. My design college prioritized his personal projects and wasn’t present during most of the work. Leaving me in a position where the rest of the group hands me all of the content and I had to put together a game.

In the end, it’s still a game I hold as one of the best games I’ve helped create. It was a tough experience and I believe I am a better designer for it.

Sometimes crunch is seen as a rite of passage for us game developers. As I sat alone in the school building, this game I thought to myself that I am unstoppable. I kept telling myself that I’ve got this and did not ask for help my the teachers or other colleges. However, when we released the game I noticed that the project had a negative effect on me and my well being.

Lesson: I need to communicate with my superiors (teacher) when I feel overwhelmed by work, and be ready to cut features if the staff does not show up.


Level Design
Carl Palm
Jonas Astberg

Catarina Batista
Stina Arvidsson
Tom Sandvik

Frej Sjöström
Fredrik Bladh
Alexander Aschan
Sebastian Grape