Raggarrök is a third-person space shooter that tells the story of the last space greaser war. To stand out, the group decided that the core feature of the game was going to be running over space greasers. Initially, we wanted a fast game where you run over space greasers in blazing speed. However, we decided to set the game to “cruise” speed to make sure the players were able to hit the space greasers. This gave the game some character and adding a radio where the player can change the station was the cherry on top.


  • Using Student made engine (yellowsnow)
  • Using unity as editor
  • using splines to design gameplay


  • Game Design
  • GDD
  • Level 1 pre prod to beta( building the intro cinematic)
  • Level 3 blockout to gold (building the ending from pre prod to gold)
  • Narrative design (communicating my idea for the group and then scripting it)

Closing Thoughts

The jump to 3D was challenging. It was so many different problems that I’ve never encountered before. For example, the player spline tried to float away from the level. Assets were deleted along with entire levels. Let’s just say, we had some issues with our pipeline.

The pipeline issues could have been prevented if we were better at communication, too bad that this wasn’t our only issue.

During the beta sprint, the group seemed very confused about the game and its features. Since no one was doing anything about it I wrote down the features in the game and held a meeting to make sure the group was on the same page in the project. Who is responsible for what and what features are staying in the game. This set the group on the right path and I am proud to say that the group followed through with the game and its theme.

Lesson: Communication is key. Don’t ever assume that something is being worked on. Talking to colleges is more powerful than writing.


Level Design
Carl Palm
Daniel Svhan
Kevin Osgan

Manne Westermark
Ludvig Olsson
Adam Karlsson
André Rondahl
Tom Sandvik

Emil Hylén Stuparick De la
Frej Sjöström
Flovin Michaelsen
Fredrik Bladh
Oliver Nyholm
Sedin Mesic
Sebastian Grape