Spite: Ragnars Mjöd


Ragnars Mjöd is a top-down action game and it was a project I was itching to make. I’m a huge RPG fan and designing a combat systems is something im good at. The group agreed on our core feature, it was going to be a massive amount of enemies. I needed my design to work with this feature.


  • Using unity as editor
  • Student made Visual Scripting editor
  • Student made engine (yellowsnow)


  • GDD.
  • Level 2 pre production to gold.
  • Designing and tweaking the player characters abilities.
  • Designing and tweaking the three bosses.
  • Balancing of the damage and health variables.
  • In game text.
  • Designing and tweaking the enemies.
  • Writing and implementing the story.

Closing Thoughts

My design colleges are both aspiring level artist and had little interest in game balance and design. 

I am very proud of my character design. My primary goal with the characters abilities was to make the abilities combo off each other and reward aggressive play.

The initial designs written in the GDD stayed intact until release. This was a pleasant surprise!

Our portfolio course started during this project, and it made some students less motivated in building this game. After a while, the project seemed neglected by some team. I had to prioritize the group project over my portfolio.

Taking on this level of responsibility was nothing new to me. However, I underestimated the number of variables that exist in a game like this. A bit overwhelming at first but at the end of development I had a good understanding of the systems in the game and how to change them.

Lesson: I should have seen the drop in productivity coming and try to scope the project accordingly.

Communication is key. 


Level Design
Carl Palm
Daniel Svhan
Kevin Osgan

Manne Westermark
Ludvig Olsson
Adam Karlsson
André Rondahl
Tom Sandvik

Emil Hylén
Frej Sjöström
Flovin Michaelsen
Fredrik Bladh
Oliver Nyholm
Sedin Mesic
Sebastian Grape

Technical Art
Charles Wänéus
Adrean Björkerud