Super Squire Quest


Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Lionsburg, There lived a squire by the name of Wart. This dopey squire has a thirst for glory. On the day of the jousting tournament, an unexpected event sends the squire on a quest of epic proportions.



  • Point and click adventure game.
  • Created with Lua.
  • Using 90s adventuregames as refrence.
  • Puzzle design.


  • Screen layout and structure
  • Game Design
  • Narrative design
  • Puzzle design (paper prototypes)
  • 3D modelling props

Closing Thoughts

This projects purpose was to get the students comfortable working with Scrum. It was also a warmup for us designers to start working on out communication skills.

It was challenging to make sure the team was on the same page. After alot of paper design and drawings we made the game we set out to create.

From the start, me and my design college were comfortable communicating with each other and the team. The team still remember the good times we had with each other making this game.

Lesson: Communication is key


Level Design
Carl Palm
Gustav Stigenius

Manne Westermark
Maximilian Bergström
Tom Sandvik

Axel Hornay
Frej Sjöström
Niklas Andersson
Robert Parrell