Wake Up


Wake up is a 2D SHMUP about a child trapped in a coma. He has to defeat his evil nightmares to wake up.

We decided to use Cuphead as a reference game (some enemy projectiles were able to be absorbed by the player to increase the player’s health and power.


  • Using TGA 2D engine
  • Using Tiled as an editor
  • Story heavy
  • Gameplay refrence : Cuphead


  • Game design (player abilities, enemy movement and abilities)
  • Level design (level 1 and 2)
  • 3D modelling props
  • GDD
  • Narrative design (all of the story text)
  • Designing and tweaking boss attacks and patterns


Closing Thoughts

From the beginning we set out to create three bosses. This project would have been alot more polished if we set out to create a minimum shippable product. (maybe one boss and scope down on the player mechanics)

Since us designers had to wait until one week before launch to get all of the features in the game there was little time for itirations and playtests.

Although it wasn’t a polished game we managed to ship the game with three bosses.

Lesson: Scope low, get the core features in before adding more features. Also, a 10-minute long SHMUP game is a very hard format to convey an emotional story about family relationships.


Level Design
Carl Palm
Peter Nilsson
Catarina Batista
Amanda Larsson
Alina Gromova
Maximilian Bergström
Niklas Andersson
Daniel Aladics
Frej Sjöström
Sebastian Grape
Martin Ström