How To Uninstall McAfee


How to uninstall Mcafee is a third person shooter with a mechanic that lets you stop time to avoid projectiles and enemy actors. The game is inspired by Super Hot and is the first game I developed by myself. My primary goal with this project was to create a tactical shooter in a Tron-like environment. This was done by building a world that represented the inside of a computer program which gave me a lot of freedom when it came to designing enemies and scripted events. 


  • Third person tactical shooter
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Free assets from UE Marketplace
  • How to uninstall McAfee youtube video
  • Ability to slow down time

Main Goals

  • Third person view
  • Basic enemy behaviour
  • Three levels
  • Bossfights

What did I learn?

  • Player blendspace
  • Player aim offset
  • Animation BluePrint
  • Manipulating materials with  scripts
  • Creating simple AI behaviour
  • Projectile based damage system

Game Design

I wanted the player to use the “stop time” mechanic as this is a mechanic not commonly used in more standard shooters. During playtests I quickly realized that players abused that the game was too easy to “run and gun” through the game, ignoring the “stop time” mechanic. Later, at the launch of the game, I had developed a system that drained the player’s health as they fired their gun and giving it back when they defeated an enemy, nullifying this problem. This led to another problem: Don’t punish players for playing the way they want to.

Level Design

The game contains three levels

Level one introduces the player to some of the basic mechanics of the game, like: shooting, running, crouching and the “stop time” mechanic. This level also aims to teach the player to follow the triangle to progress further in the game, as this is a recurring theme throughout the game. 

Level two features a cinematic scripted event.

Level three is the most challenging level as it forces the player to push upward through waves of enemies to defeat the last boss and uninstall McAfee Antivirus.

Level 2 Overview


  •  The player enters the nightclub and see enemies through a large window
  • The player moves to investigate, and by doing so triggering a script that lowers the window, exposing the player.


  •  The player moves to the boxes seeking cover.
  • After a short delay the boxes starts to sink into the ground, exposing the player


  • The player moves towards the main stage of the room, the dancefloor, triggering enemies to spawn at the top of the bar. 


  • The player interacts with a door, spawning a mini boss with enemy guards.
  • Defeating the boss lets the player proceed to level three.

Closing Thoughts

I found myself struggling during the development process and by taking a step back from the project, letting my creative mind catch up, I was able to come up with a better product.  Sometimes you have to slay thine darlings. I plan to have the “stand still to enter bullet-time” mechanic removed, as it is not providing anything other than restricting the player. Instead, the player will be able to enter bullet-time by aiming (R-click).